Ulysses Design - Design and Development

March, 2020


UlyssesDesignCo is owned by Paul Lilley, a designer who takes his inspirations from psychedelic posters, vintage branding and tattoos.


Create a fast, beautiful and easy to use website, that will highlight Ulysses designs and approach to all things design, without compromising the UX.

Content Audit and Website needs Analyses

At this stage I analyse the future sites needs as well as analyse some of the competitors sites.

The main obejctive of analysing sites needs was to find out what functionalities, content types and structure the site will need.

The competitors audit helps with surfacing the good and bad features of the competitors sites as well as research the ways the competitors are displaying the content on their sites. This in return gave as a good idea of that would work and what would not on the site driven by big and bold art work.


The site was build on a fly, without much of the design stage previous to development of the site. This made it a fun, agile (in a very waterfall way) approach to web development, which I enjoyed a lot.

Please visit the site here: https://ulyssesdesignco.com/

Other works