FSM Logistics

February, 2019


FSM Logistics is a freight forwarding company with over 4 decedes of expericence.

With 10 offices in 5 different countries they needed a website which will reflect their experience, flexibility as well as ingenuity. FSM needed a modern platform which would help them to reach more clients with the vast number of services they offer.

Requirements gathering and competitors audit

At this stage I was listening to the stakeholders as well as client. I tired to understand the business and its goals, the issue employees are facing, the opportunities and main threats of the market FSM operates in. I also interviewed end users asking them about their like and dislike of the current site as well as what are they usually looking for while browsing similar websites.

These sessions helped me with creating a requirement for this projects.  

Paper prototyping/Interviews/Requirements gathering

Design / Prototyping phase

Based on the requirements documents and competitors audit I started working on the design of the new site.

This stage was broke up by a lot of feedback and testing session with stakeholders which led to development of High Fidelity mockups:



The website runs on open-source CMS - WordPress - decision was based on the fact that WP is Worlds most renown open-source CSM as well as the fact that Content Editors which will take over the content population in the future know that platform and are comfortable with using it.


One of the requierments of the project was to build the multilingual experience for the users (English, Russian, Georgian, Ukrainian). This could have been accomplished by creating few different WP instances to manage different language versions.

Solution here was to us WPML plugin which allows to manage all translation on one platform. This saved DB number as well as the future need to managing 5 websites in one time.

End Product

Its a fully responsive website - running on stand alone WP installation, custom theme (based on underscore) made using HTML5, SCSS, CSS3, Node.js, jQuery and PHP


Other works