Michelle Pereira

Juliusz was an absolute pleasure to work with when we were both at Planet Retail.

He is creative, puts the customer’s user experience first and was able to both self manage and work effectively in an agile team setting.

He is constantly learning and developing his skills and will be an asset to any team or organisation he joins.

If we had a chance to work together again in the future I would jump at the opportunity.

David Jeavons

Juliusz is a very hard working and detail orientated person who is a joy to work with.

His tireless effort to ensure solutions are correct and fit for purpose is an inspiration to myself and all members of the team.

I would highly recommend Juliusz to any potential employer without hesitation.

Andy Geldman

Juliusz was a pleasure to work with at Planet Retail. He was creative, hard-working, and a good team player.

Juliusz quickly understood the Agile and Scrum principles I introduced to the team, and was a natural fit with the collaborative way of working. He readily accepted feedback on his work and would suggest changes that did not compromise the design.

I am happy to recommend Juliusz.

Jose Ramos Blanca

Juliusz is an excellent Designer and was a key person in my team.

During the time we worked together, Juliusz was always very committed and ready for new challenges, including learning new technologies he wasn’t familiar with. I have a very good opinion of him.